Obama administration agrees to N.J. public hearing on Atlantic oil drilling

Obama administration officials have agreed to hold a public hearing in New Jersey before deciding whether to let companies drill for oil and gas off the Atlantic Coast, lawmakers said today. The U.S. Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management hearing likely will take place in March at a time and place yet to be announced. Read the rest here 09:01

One Response to Obama administration agrees to N.J. public hearing on Atlantic oil drilling

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Why waste his BREATH. He has already put the Nation in DANGER with”T.O.O.P.” an Executive Decision after the failure of House Bill H.R. 3534 The Clear Act. Congress wouldn’t play Ball so he made up his own COMMON PROPERTY stealing Executive Decision “The OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” which includes the Oceans, and all other INLAND FRESH WATER SYSTEMS. These actions will endanger Life sustaining Water for all Creatures. It is Our most important RESOURCE!!! Without it Life will not continue. Never forget the 1989 EXXON VADEZ “COREXIT” Experiment. Then Dr. Jane Luchenco’s GREENLIGHTING it’s us for the BP Gulf of Mexico Deepwater “PLANET ALTERING CRUDE SPILL” out of Sight OUT MIND!!! It’s still out there you can’t see it, YET!!!
    “COREXIT” is not a DISPERSANT. It combines with the Crude enabling it to SINK. It also makes the Spill more then TWICE as TOXIC. Prompting internal Bleeding in whatever comes in contact with it. LIFE is thus shortened by a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT of TIME!!!

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