JUST IN: Presidential Task Force on IUU Fishing & Seafood Fraud releases action plan

baby fishermanToday, March 15th, the Presidential Task Force on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud, co-chaired by the Departments of Commerce and State, released its action plan. This plan articulates the aggressive steps that federal agencies will take both domestically and internationally to implement the recommendations the Task Force made in December 2014. Read the release here 11:14

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  1. DickyG says:

    “This includes the Administration’s work to secure historic and enforceable environmental provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a regional trade agreement that includes countries that together account for approximately one-quarter of global marine catch and global seafood exports.”

    Only problem is the TPP will supersede any inspections or tariffs, making it all the smoother to import contaminated aquaculture garbage.
    Choking regulations on our domestic “wild caught” fisheries causing product voids in the markets, which are then filled by “imports”, might just have something to do with the “flat-line” of ex-vessel fish prices while the costs of catching the fish steadily rise.

  2. jmknbsc . says:

    Have you noticed that a recent report states that the US is the second largest importer of seafood, behind only the EU? Given our low consumption of seafood per capita, either this means that we can’t even catch enough to eat any longer; or that other countries that rely on protein rich seafood for much or most of the dietary needs, are able to catch enough to meet those needs.
    Jim Kendall

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