NOAA, states and fishing industry reconsider buyout or buyback plans

cashEven as Massachusetts pushes to get the second phase of federal disaster funding to eligible Bay State beneficiaries, the fate of the federal buyout or industry buyback plan initially included in the third and final phase of funding could be in jeopardy. Participants in a meeting Friday between NOAA, New England state fishery directors and fishing industry stakeholders confirmed today that the remaining $10 million slotted for either a federally funded vessel buyout or an industry-funded permit buyback now could be shifted to provide other forms of assistance Read the rest here 19:48

5 Responses to NOAA, states and fishing industry reconsider buyout or buyback plans

  1. Paul_Cohan says:

    I smell a rat. Several of them, in fact. The fisheries collapse isn’t going to rectify itself at any time in the near future, that is, if the situation is as dire as NOAA and it’s ENGO puppet masters insist. Therefore, a buyout program, as originally incorporated into the industry disaster relief plan, is clearly not only a commitment, but a necessity. There is a substantial number of permit holders who have been forced to sell their boats in order to just catch up with their bills simply because they don’t have enough fish, and access to what few they do have, to remain solvent. And many more just hanging on by the slenderest of threads. Most of these fellows are nearing retirement and have long considered their businesses as their retirement. Now they are left with neither. Face it, another 20 or 30 grand for those who qualify as double dippers, will do nothing for anyone in the long run. Since the Disaster Declaration was declared, the crisis has only deepened and broadened. And the situation is certain to become even more dire in the foreseeable future. It is shortsighted, to say the least, to squander the remaining relief funds like a drunken sailor on shore leave, when we have the potential to address some of the long term issues, which we all face, in a calculated and effective manner. Isn’t that what those funds were originally earmarked for? What has changed in the mean time? The only change has been for the worse! Logically, a buy-out program should be expedited for the long term benefit of all, not eliminated, for the temporary benefit of a few. I’m certain, however, that “The Consolidationists” would not agree. Really, isn’t consolidation what “Catch Shares” have always been all about? Look at the numbers and think about it. Catch shares and their associated sectors demonstrably haven’t worked for most fishermen, nor have they worked for fish, otherwise we wouldn’t find ourselves in this predicament. But alas, the monopoly game goes on, only with far fewer players in the game than when it started!

    • StripedBassHole says:

      “Catch Shares” or “Natural Resource Commodities” does CLF own Vessels and Quota or just Quota? What happened to Boat Length, Horse Power, and Tonnage RESTRICTIONS?
      Yeah Paul, you do spell RATS they were attracted by the REEK of PEW…

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      But alas, the monopoly game goes on, only with far fewer players in the game
      And there you have it Paul. Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate. Until there is no one left to fight. As has been said before, either we all hang together or we all hang separately. Sadly the latter has become the case.
      Greed destroys all!

      • Paul_Cohan says:

        Apparently, Joel, there are a handful of us who must be better hung than the rest of us!

        • Joel Hovanesian says:

          Way too many that are or have been hung Paul!
          No justice, no peace. Time for civil disobedience. Actually way past time. This shit has gotten way to far out of control.
          I was in your neck of the woods yesterday. I can’t believe how little is left of this once thriving port. Sad to see……really sad ):

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