Drastic groundfishing cuts approved by fishery management agency

UPDATE… 6:27 PM Wed. New England Fisheries Management Council recommends cutting Cod fishing limits in the Gulf of Maine by 77% and in George’s Bank by 55%.  This is critical, fisherman say, because catching cod leads to catching other fish like haddock.  They say the cuts are devastating. Watch video

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  1. We saw a cut of @ 75% in the 1st year of the catch shares scam, this is on top of the other cuts! Obviously they do not want the few remaining little guys to survive any longer.

  2. freefish7 says:

    Phil, would you be willing to do an interview on my new freefish7 radio show about these cuts, catch shares and any other issue you wish to discuss? The radio show is intended to give fishermen a voice to inform the public while offering positive solutions and easy ways to support them. http://www.freefish7.com/freefish7-radio-blog.html Anyone else reading this is welcome to contact me as well. [email protected]

    • Toby Lees says:

      sounds like a cry babie! whats your issue!

    • Hi- I’m not a fisherman. But I have some friends that are. I’ll see if anybody wants to do an interview for you guys.

      I’m not a cry baby as angry troll Toby Lees claims. I’m against gov’t corruption. I’ve been studying these issues for years locally. I’ve written some articles here, and I hope to pick up again soon.

      It’s great to have activists like boarehead and friends, working hard to give the fishermen a voice against this big gov’t corruption that is crippling the industry.

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