NPR Claims Fish Stocks are Declining Worldwide – Comment by Ray Hilborn, University of Washington

CFOODFish Stocks Are Declining Worldwide, And Climate Change Is On The Hook click hereThis is the title of a recent NPR posting — again perpetuating a myth that most fish stocks are declining. Let’s look at the basic question: are fish stocks declining? We know a lot about the status of fish stocks in some parts of the world, and very little about the trends in others. We have good data for most developed countries and the major high seas tuna fisheries. These data are assembled and compiled in the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment database, available to the public at  This database contains trends in abundance for fish stocks comprising about 40% of the global fish catch and includes the majority of stocks from Europe, North America, Japan, Russia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Major fisheries of the world that are not in the data base are primarily in S. and SE Asia. Read the response here 13:24

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