Deadliest Catch star Sig Hanson survives heart attack

sig-hansenjpg-06091e01f7800338Capt. Sig Hansen, the chain-smoking, coffee-chugging star of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, has survived a brush with his mortality. Hansen’s daughter, Mandy Hansen, shared a photo on Instagram of her father in a hospital bed with a caption reading: “Capt survived the ‘widowmaker’ !! Beating a heart attack ain’t easy. Welcome back boss”. Hansen skippers the F/V Northwestern, which targets king and snow crabs on Alaska’s Bering Sea. Get well soon, Cap. Read the rest here  and another here 13:12

4 Responses to Deadliest Catch star Sig Hanson survives heart attack

  1. Groundswell says:

    Be well, spider killer! 3 new habits: Tai Chi, good nutrition, no smoking+, You’ll be back in the wheelhouse…

  2. weeges says:

    Sig, as a fellow Norwegian, and an ex Salmon fisherman – please get well – we know your job is stressfull and cafiene and nicotine used to go hand in hand, but you can knock the smokes….still have coffee and yell at the crew….hold a pencil in your fingers for a while it will get rid of the urge somewhat…Your family and your crew are more important.

    Får vel , hvile seg og komme tilbake ut å fiske snart !

  3. MamaBear2012 says:

    So happy that you survived your heart attack. Take better care of yourself so that you can continue doing what you love doing!!

  4. Dave Colliau says:

    Being a survivor of the widow maker . I am glad your alive. :). Get well and get back at it . I got lucky .. Rotor rooter and 1 stent in the main artery to the lower half of my heart . No restrictions but they told me to quit smoking but when I awoke in the hospital I was done already with that :). Good Luck .

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