Fishermen hold Science hostage, demand $45,000 in ransom claim the Feds

48643802.cachedTwo fishermen who found a piece of scientific equipment off the coast of Monterey are holding it hostage, interfering with international research, and demanding $45,000 ransom for its return, the federal government claims in court. The United States sued Daniel Sherer, Patrick Anderson and their business, A&S Fisheries, in Federal Court on Friday, accusing them of holding government property “de facto hostage” and causing irreparable harm to an international research project. The “oceanographic mooring buoy,” known as Scientific Mooring MS1, was one of several anchored to the seafloor to record data on the velocity, temperature, salinity and sediment concentration of ocean currents. Read the rest here 08:00

2 Responses to Fishermen hold Science hostage, demand $45,000 in ransom claim the Feds

  1. alaskagal says:

    After they didn’t pay him for his time, my father sued the Federal government and prevailed in court. He’d interrupted his fishing to save some kind of weather beacon.

    • DANDOG says:

      High seas salvage rights- the govt would stick it to this fisherman if they could – he should be reimbursed for his time just as any other mariner would be

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