Is commercial fishing sustainable? An industry at crossroads

AR-160419530.jpg&MaxW=650&MaxH=500A diverse panel of New England fishing experts, from a top federal administrator to a seasoned commercial fishing captain who says the scent of burnt coffee has replaced the smell of fish in his home port, gathered Thursday evening and tried to answer one question. Is commercial fishing sustainable? The discussion about the future of the region’s fishing industry featured a series of exchanges between two colorful fishing captains, an aquatic ecologist from the University of Rhode Island, a lawyer for Earthjustice and a fisheries expert from the Environmental Defense Fund. Read the rest here 06:17

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  1. philips66 says:

    I posted this at the article too! “number of issues, including climate change, need attention for that to happen” there is absolutely nothing that NOAA Fisheries, or any of these green special interest group$ can do about global warming, because it’s not man made, and there is nothing that man can do to affect it one bit. so called climate change has nothing to do with fishery policies!

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