‘Wicked Tuna’ will be filmed out of Ilwaco? Sorry Charley. There’s only one “Wicked Tuna”!

AR-160519910.jpg&MaxW=600Albacore tuna news: ‘Wicked Tuna’ will be filmed out of Ilwaco. There’s only one Wicked Tuna, and its out of Gloucester! The Tuna Club in Ilwaco has informed me of some upcoming events for albacore fishermen. • TV producer Phil Lander is working for Pilgrim Studios on a new show for the History Channel about commercial albacore fishermen in the Ilwaco/Astoria area of the “Pacific Graveyard.” They are casting the show now, and are looking for interesting boat captains with big personalities. If you are one and want to audition for the show, contact [email protected]. This should be an interesting show with local fishermen on commercial albacore boats. Read the rest here 12:52

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