Get your Barf Bags ready Campers. The Bionic Woman of Good Science, Jane Lubchenco

On a blindingly bright autumn morning, I’m standing with Jane Lubchenco on the rocky shoreline, two hours south of San Francisco at the southern end of Monterey Bay. There’s a camera crew with us, filming her for an upcoming documentary on large-scale global marine reserves.More broadly, she sees good news, which is no small thing for one of the world’s most important environmental scientists, celebrated for her decades- long efforts to call out the ways that human activities have unintentionally disrupted environmental stability. Lubchenco is a marine ecologist who has studied the Oregon coast for close to 40 years. After President Barack Obama named her in 2008 to head up the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as part of his “green dream team,” she was called the “bionic woman of good science” at her Senate confirmation hearings, where she received unanimous approval.Last year, she was given an unusually free-form mandate by the Department of State to travel the world as the United States’ first ocean diplomat. So what’s she going to do with it? (You already know, but don’t let it stop you from treating yourself.) Read the rest here 15:45

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