Can Hag Fish gloop be useful to humans?

hagfishslime2_1The carrion-eating hagfish has been described as the “vacuum cleaner of the ocean”. But it also has another claim to fame: it can see off its attackers in a puff of slime. Zurich scientists are researching how this fast-forming hydrogel could be harnessed for human use. Jawless and boneless, the hagfish is a rather ugly-looking marine creature that has been around for more than 300 million years. So why are the hagfish of interest to researchers at the lab? The answer is in the creature’s slime. When the hagfish is attacked or stressed it secretes vast amounts of the substance as a defence mechanism – as this shark finds out in this clip. It has to back off or face suffocation. “Hagfish slime is special in many ways,” doctoral student Böni told “It’s the most dilute hydrogel known today. It consists of 99.996% water which is a world record.” Read the article here 13:46

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