Marlborough Sounds Blue Cod fishing ban has been branded “insane” by fishermen

1472793289437A ban on commercial blue cod fishing in the Marlborough Sounds has been branded “insane” by fishermen who will be out of work for the next four months. The Ministry for Primary Industries closed the Sounds to commercial blue cod fishers for the first time on Thursday. The season closure will run until December 20. Fisherman Kelly Aldridge said the ban meant he could not fish in an area which comprised 85 per cent of his fishing ground, in the outer Sounds. It was effectively putting him out of work until Christmas. “My boat’s not big enough to travel further afield,” he said.  Commercial fishermen could normally catch blue cod in the Sounds all year, while the area was closed to recreational fishers from September 1 to December 20. Read the story here 11:06

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