Lobster yachts: Working boats recast as pleasure craft

636008447659043959-1950-William-Frost-profile-CREDIT-Michael-Lynch“Lobster boat” conjures up images of hardy boats and even hardier crews wrangling traps on a roiling sea. However on many of today’s so-called “lobster boats,” the only lobster wrangling is on a plate. There are now two categories of boats called lobster. There’s the original version developed specifically for the lobster trade off the Maine coast. Then there’s the recreational “lobster light,” more commonly referred to as lobster yachts. These pure pleasure boats borrow heavily from the appearance of working lobster boats but with modifications that are less focused on working and more on playing. Most of us know the profile of a working lobster boat whether we realize it or not. The Orca in Jaws, probably pop culture’s most famous boat, is a modified lobster boat. Read the rest here 16:16

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