This kid has Guts! Deadliest Catch Deckhand forced to slurp down raw COD INTESTINES

deadliest-catch-brandi-a-cod-intestinesIf there’s one thing that’s going to motivate you to work hard — it’s the threat of having to slurp down raw COD INTESTINES like spaghetti if you mess up. Unfortunately for the newest crew member of the Brenna A on tonight’s Deadliest Catch, when he misses the crab pots with a throw of the hook that’s exactly what he’s faced with. Captain Sean Dwyer enforces the punishment to make sure his crew stay motivated and the newbie ‘greenhorn’ had started off well, landing every throw at the rail. But when he finally misses he has to follow through with the gut-wrenching consequences. Bring out the “Bering Sea sushi” — a gruesomely long piece of raw cod intestines. Watch the video below as he struggles to stomach the fresh intestines without gagging. Click here!  13:45

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