Actual press release: “Policy makers and ecologists must develop a more constructive dialogue to save the planet”

the end is nearFrom the talk not action department and TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN comes this laughable press release: Dublin, Ireland, Tuesday July 19, 2016 – An international consensus demands human impacts on the environment “sustain”, “maintain”, “conserve”, “protect”, “safeguard”, and “secure” it, keeping it within “safe ecological limits”. But, a new Trinity College Dublin-led study that assembled an international team of environmental scientists shows that policy makers have little idea what these terms mean or how to connect them to a wealth of ecological data and ideas.,,“There’s a lot of discussion about “tipping points” — the idea that there are boundaries beyond which, if we push nature it will collapse.,, The more likely alternative is not a sudden change, but a progressive loss of fisheries, croplands, damage to all our natural worlds. A wrong view of nature can have disastrous consequences.” Read the post here 11:43

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