Plan details NY state’s vision for offshore wind energy

New York state on Monday released the blueprints for a plan to harness the power of wind through offshore farms.,,, Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, says the extensive report was long-awaited.,,, “We need to move forward with renewable energy, and stop the oil and gas drilling that is planned for the East Coast.”,,, Bonnie Brady, from the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association, said in a statement to News 12, “Through eminent domain, they are taking away historic fishing grounds and now they are destroying it in the name of green energy. The only green here is about making money.”>click here to read< 10:25

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  1. DickyG says:

    Guess what, Adrienne Esposito, you are not saying no to fossil fuel plants with wind. Wind is INTERMITTENT! Some estimates have it at 22.7% load factor ( Conventional power generation will not go away it must be up and running to back up intermittent wind. Also,”it’s either wind or dirty coal/oil/gas” is a false argument. There are alternatives to windmills litering the electricity-incompatible ocean environment and leaking oil rigs on the Outer Continental Shelf. Government guarantees for do-able loans for property owners (private, business, and municipal) for geothermal heating and cooling, solar, photovoltaic building materials, and cylindrical turbine devices would be a good start—and much cheaper than throwing many $billions at this offshore wind scam! Cal Tech has an artificial photosynthesis fuel producing technology (from sunlight) and shallow pool algae based biodiesel models ready to go, there are several technologies and ideas that are withering on the vine, while the goverment looks the other way and plays footsie with these wind shysters!
    The Dept. Of Energy cut the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis’ (CalTech MIT etc.) already inadequate research budget by 40%! (…/the-road-to-solar-fuels…/)

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