And then they came for the lobstermen…

Twenty years from now, after we teach our grandkids about the once great (and long gone) Northeast groundfish fisheries, will the next thing we say be something like “And then they came for the lobstermen”?

Marshfield, Ma

Will the lobster boat be going the way of the dinosaur soon?

According to the “NOAA Fisheries Implementation Plan of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries” 2012 document, the New England Lobster Fishery could be next in line for permit buybacks. The lobstermen may be next to be sacrificed for the greater global good of NOAA’s job destroying policies, which come directly from the UN, the UN’s FAO, and the NGO’s (Non Gov’t Organizations) that control the UN.

From page 15:

NMFS is continuing this form of fishing capacity reduction in considering further vessel and permit buybacks in the Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Salmon Fishery, the Bering Sea Aleutian Island Non-Pollock Groundfish Fishery, the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery, the Northeast Multispecies Groundfish Fishery and the New England Lobster Fishery”

Fleet reduction and capacity reduction are high priorities for the sustainable world fisheries plans of the UN. These global policies link all the way back to the UN Agenda 21, and these policies destroy American jobs. Our officials should be looking out for American jobs, not working to put our fishermen out of business.

During the past 2 years the NOAA “catch share” plan has accomplished the goal of fleet reduction (important for the UN), in the Northeast groundfish Fishery. This is one of the most blatant examples of Government over-regulations destroying American jobs in 2012. And now we find out that lobstermen may be in the sights. In New England, many fishermen had to diversify with lobster permits, just to stay in business over the past couple of years.

This is our own government, destroying our oldest industry, on behalf of global groups. We plan to keep digging, and keep hitting this Administration over it’s war against our Fishermen.

I hope that this article finds it’s way to the eyes of fishermen and their friends and supporters, all across the USA. The other fisheries mentioned may be just as surprising for some to see, I personally am only familiar with the New England fisheries.

Help us crowd source this document, as it provides many leads to how they are subverting the US Constitution, and working for the UN and their NGO masters against American fishermen and their families.

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  1. scupguy says:

    We are systematically being destroyed by our own government. How long before we have to take up arms to end this tyranny?

  2. philips66 says:

    We pay for most of the UN budget. So why do we have to pay twice, and pay a giant beaurocracy at NOAA and NMFS, to rubber stamp global policies and agendas, directly from the UN? To add insult to injury, these policies that we pay twice for, are destroying our own jobs.

  3. This "tragedy of the commons" was set in place right after the Hope & Change election in late 2008. In early 2009, a republican senator from New England was offered the "big job" at the Commerce Department, but a few weeks later, surprised many even within the BHO administration by turning it down. Why. Secretary of Commerce looks great on the resume after your done in politics? Few questions were asked at the time, but one had to wonder, what policy papers had he read for the job, and would it entail as a stated priority, 'to turn the fishing industry in this country upside-down and inside-out', with very few winners, and the rest, looking for a new career change in life? Enter a Dr. Lubchenco, a far left wingbat, whose academic policy papers and years of being an high level insider within deep pocketed – anti-fishing and environmental groups, was scaring the bejesus out of fishermen on the west coast (See 'STONES & BONES BLOG:…. Remember how she was being tossed lame – softball questions during her confirmation hearing? Yes all those wonderful words on "outreach to fishermen." This was all just for show, the "wink-wink" and nodding by a number of feckless Senators, to give the American public a warm and fuzzy feeling about an individual who essentially was a EDF Terminator sent to DC to help implement some of the most "hairbrain" tax payer costly – green energy projects, as well as a new fishermen cleansing fishery management program, "CATCH SHARES" to New England. It was all fine and dandy as was being told by the lame-stream media during 2009 & 2010…and was given scant notice (other then Richard Gaines in the GDT and Mark Levin on his radio show) that a select few along the way of the implementation process of Catch Shares were taken care of, and the rest, well there has to be some losers along the way, right….. but that's just a little "collateral damage" in getting their far left eco-agenda, ram-rodded down the throat of the American fishermen and more so, the American public who was getting hammered with four dollar and more a gallon – gas and diesel prices at the pump. Oh, there was yelling, kicking and screaming along the way, from the "little people" as the politicos say behind closed doors…. nonetheless that small business fishermen were being quickly put out of business in the process, and NOAA with their latest GOM and Georges Bank – trawl surveys, now showing a total 180 degree turn from what the fishery scientist had previously stated just two years before. Who could of believed that pile of minutiae from an agency which was now called 'rogue'….and more so, why wasn't those at NOAA & the NMFS listening to the fishermen, when it comes to fish? Listening….don't they love to listen at NMFS, and now more so at the public outreach meetings which are trying to minimize the impending doom to the New England fishing industry? Haha, who are we deluding here, about a federal government agency that was shaking down fishermen with outrageous punitive fines…or having an individual who was the head of the OLE, being given the infamous/notorious nickname "Shredder" Jones, and of all people, Dan Rather doing a segment on this – 'crime' news story? (more info:… -&- As Senator Brown pointed out at the FISHERMEN'S RALLY, "take a look at this….YOU BOUGHT IT!" Yes we did…sadly we allowed this to happen, by electing a ultra-progressive to the White House, and the result, the installation to positions of great power in our federal agencies, "yes men" for BHO with names like Cowboy 'Oil Permits Killer' Ken Salazar (Interior), Carol Browner (now former Energy & Environmental adviser & read this:… Lisa Jackson (EPA & Congress calls out the EPA –… Steven Chu (Energy & handing out tax payer dollars to big money bundlers, read :, incompetents, and worst of all, the Dr. Lubchenco 'type' whose mission statements apparently is to stonewall the IG every time they are asked for documents and to truthfully answer questions at congressional hearings, and as much, as a doctor of Marine Biology who went along with the dumping of COREXIT into the Gulf of Mexico to make the BP 'problem' just go all away (Read:…. See, anyone who has been following the BHO dog & pony show in DC, should not be surprised that those progressives in DC want the United Nations to be making a number of worldwide policy decisions that the United States would just happily go along with (psst, even if its not in the best interest of the people of the United States). Look at the group of people at the head of our federal government agencies. Look at Harry Reid, who should be driving a clown car back home in Nevada, instead of being the Majority Leader of the US Senate and trying to push OUR COUNTRY into giving up its sovereignty on the oceans and mineral rights (Law of the Sea – LOST), and our Second Amendment Rights (Arms Trade Treaty) among a number of issues that can be mentioned of the United States surrendering its sovereignty. Getting back to the impending issue, Agenda 21 is all about building the "green economy" (how come this term keeps popping up?), and the fishing industry just seems to get in the way of planned acres of windmill farms and whatever else the wizards at the UN and the BHO administration came dream up. If one has a magic 8 ball for the near future of the New England fishery, it will show payouts, again courtesy of the US TAXPAYER, to buy off as many fishermen as possible and keep them quiet this election. The 'die' has been cast with the BHO administration and how they feel about fishermen….they don't! Get out there this election…grab your family…and friends to vote for Romney & Ryan. If we don't win this one, I would highly recommend to start looking for another line of work away from fishing…especially in New England. All these rants will not amount to a hill of beans if we fishermen, our family and friends, don't see a new change in leadership in the White House.

    • borehead says:

      Ec Newell Man, what an excellent post!
      Its gonna be a crap shoot getting this administration gone, but we can only do what we can do. Theres no way Obama can be re elected running on his dismal record. The record of how this industry industry has been disrespected is documented.
      As New England waited for a response to the plea of disaster relief, it was ignored, but, someone somwhere has developed the ultimate consolidation scheme, The buy out.
      Whoever is responsible for allowing this to be ignored knew the effects. I believe it is a Lubchenco created Obama approved production with a supporting cast of a few lousy actors mentioned in your post, along with the Governor of Massachusetts, another Cape Wind whore, who is on Obamas re election commitee.
      The only elected official I believe trustworty in these issues is Scott Brown.
      Its a shame for your post to be buriedere, altough I'm sure phil is honored as well as I am, and scup will feel the same way.
      Would you please consider putting a title on it, and posting it as an article?
      Another request is, please go to the well, and bring your friends here?
      Lets build a united front of support, and the power of fisherynation to get involved as a unit, writing to elected officials as a lobby on the issues that effect fishermen,
      I'm glad you made the scene! BH

      • philips66 says:

        You are right. It's not just NOAA that has been infiltrated by the radicals, it's all over the government. Look at the EPA, and DOJ. This is just the tip of the big green iceberg! The NGO's have taken control, across the board!

    • philips66 says:

      Great info! Thanks for sharing. I've been researching these issues for quite some time. I'm looking forward to sharing details at this location. Getting rid of this Administration is a great first step. But the radical left wingers have really infiltrated the government from the inside, and have been chipping away at these issues for decades. Getting Dr. Lubchenco put in charge was a big part of the plan, the icing on the cake. It's going to take a very long time to undo all the damage they have done to our fishermen, and to our country.
      I also want to thank Borehead and the guys for getting this site together. The only way we are going to make any progress is to spread the word from coast to coast, and build a large grass roots movement that shines a spotlight on the One World vision that these UN puppets have been pushing from the inside.

  4. Many thanks to you borehead and philips66! Both of you have been at forefront, along with a number of other fishermen in getting the news out there. Both of you have been great with your constantly replies in the comments section of the GDT.

    We have all watched for the last few years the decimation of the fishing industry, and our voices are barely heard by so few. The GDT has helped greatly in exposing what has been an rogue agency, NMFS deliberately targeting fishermen in the northeast, but it seems NO ONE OF NOTE HAS BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

    It is true amazing that the Czarzina, Ms. Lubchenco has gone unscathed over the last few three and a half years, but the forces behind and supporting her, are so political powerful and connected that I doubt that she will ever being held accountable for what sadly is, "THE NEW ENGLAND CATCH SHARES FOLLY" or the massive toxic dumping of COREXIT into the Gulf of Mexico.

    For a moment, this read this little burb:

    Representative Peter King of NY said it best today about the forced resignation of ICE Chief of Staff, Suzanne Barr; "Barrs resignation raises the most serious questions about management practices and personnel policies at DHS."

    Lets put this into the context of what she did (allegation of sexual harassment against men), and purported to allow an "frat house" atmosphere at work at Immigrations and Customs. Oh boy this is serious stuff these days!

    Now where we can start with NOAA, NMFS, and the OLE having done to fishermen over the past three and half years. So ICE Chief of Staff Barr, is thrown under the bus and loses her job within two weeks of this "workplace environment bs" becoming news. while the Administrator of NOAA, Jane Lubchenco and her apparatchiks….are still collecting a paycheck courtesy of the American taxpayer after what comes down to at first, conspiracy to commit misconduct against fishermen, and the actual misconduct/criminal activity itself (see: American Fishermen Caught in Net of Regulations;….

    As posted in the August 7, 2012 – fishnetlight-blog:

    "The groundfish debacle – and business as usual at NOAA/NMFS

    After a decade of cutbacks in commercial and recreational groundfish landings, after a decade of economic chaos of New England recreational and commercial fishing businesses and the people and communities dependent on those businesses, and after years of assurances by the fisheries managers that they were on the right track and that there was light at the end of the tunnel, it was announced yesterday that the most important groundfish stocks weren’t anywhere near where they were supposed to be."(Commercial Fishing, The rest of the story:

    The "Plea of Disaster Relief"….no better statement could be made then by Dr. Brian Rothschild, head of the marine science program at UMD;

    “A hastily developed and poorly planned catch share system has evidently created a $200 million buyback program that is surreal, oddly circular, and counterproductive. This proposed buy-back program ignores the issues that generated the disaster claims, It would totally change the structure of the fleet, flying in the face of the NOAA claim that the catch share system would help … to rebuild fisheries and sustain fishermen, communities, and vibrant waterfronts; increase the conservation of species, specifically end overfishing; and reduce the costs of management and business operations. Making the fleet economically optimal cannot trump specific protections for fishermen in the Magnuson-Stevens Act nor can it eliminate traditional fishing communities,”

    How apropos in this particular statement:

    "This proposed buy-back program ignores the issues that generated the disaster claims, It would totally change the structure of the fleet, flying in the face of the NOAA claim that the catch share system would help."

    Ask yourself one question….if this was private industry, and your policies did so much damage to not only the environment, but directly to people's livelihoods and their families, what would the Board of Trustees do to the executives managing and running the company?

    FIRE THEM!….All of them!

    Right now there has to be more accountability on how NOAA and NMFS created this 'crash and burn' scenario to the fishermen of New England. Essentially the Catch Shares management program, designed, implemented and overseen by a doctor in marine biology, has reached the level of breaking the infrastructure of the New England fishing industry….vessels, docks, packing houses, supporting businesses, and most of all the people, fishermen and their families.

    You have to re-read what Dr. Rothschild has stated that eco-agenda driven management has failed both the fish the fishermen, and as much as the communities that relied on direct and indirect economically related fishing activities in one of the most beautiful and scenic coast wide regions in the United States.

    A title to this Borehead…. "How almost four years of Eco-Agenda Politics has destroyed the Proud Fishermen and the ground fisheries of New England"…please Borehead, you get this information out there to the right people.

    I am going to try to get this out to the people I know in the industry. Hopefully this site can be a portal to bring fishermen in to discuss and act as a noted group to lobby politicians to pick up their phones and make positive changes for the fishing industry.

  5. borehead says:

    Ec, I've made these issues personal for going on four years.
    I've formed groups on newsvine, and have engaged thousands of people.
    scuguy, phil,DickyG all know what I've been up to. Fighting for US fishermen.
    It saddens me that I cannot fight for all fishermen, as I cannot in good concience fight for those that have alligned with EDF, and I find myself desiring to fight for the independant fisherman, with a soft spot in my heart for the crew. I was one at one time. Way before anything like this shit.
    Here are some links to my groups, and my data base of posted articles and written articles.
    I think the world of stolpe, and have conversed with him a few ties. I was adjitated when Rothschild was passed over for Schwabb. Its been an adventure.
    This site will be transforming very shortly to a super website with many functions, including the ability to advertise.
    The goal is to organize regions, with the ability to have webinar discussions, so we can reach consensus regionally, and then recruit support from each region for petitions, and letter campaigns. Strength in numbers when its needed.
    I would like to creats a section to identify, and expose politicians that are anti fish. Sam Farr and Jim Moran come to mind, along with other EDF friendly politicians.
    The regional groups will be exclusive for that regions mambership, and each region, including the national area willhave the ability to include polls, enabeling regional issues to be voted on, as will the national section.
    Each member will have their own column with their informaion, and an individual data base of whatever articles the post from news outlets and articles they may choose to write.
    These tools will give us the voice we do not have.
    A strong membership will give us credability and the horsepower fisherynation needs to be recognized as a group that politicians would desire to have endorce them.
    We can make a difference, or let groups we don't belong steer the conversation without us.
    Rothschild is absolutely correct with his assessment, while the Northeast Seafood Coalition makes deals of exclusion, leaving effected industry members and crewmen with no voice.
    Links. Poke around a bit and click things like show more, and click on names like DickyG or others.. BH

  6. borehead says:

    Phil, that s awesome to read today, as the lobstermen are now the focal point. This is the last sector of the industry to go after. Will the THOUSAND of lobstermen take a stand for their survival? God. I hope so.

  7. Geordie King says:

    NOAA is currently (or at least attempting to) place at-sea monitors aboard New England based, federally permitted lobster vessels. I’m therefore not surprised to hear that the lobster industry is in the cross hairs of NOAA as part of their lame excuse of sustainable management in the way of fleet / effort reduction schemes. Now that they’ve whittled down the groundfish fleet to a deplorable state, they’ve got to place their efforts elsewhere simply to fill their insatiable appetite of war against the working man and create more white collar workload to justify their existence. Our founding fathers would not only be rolling, but puking in their graves if they could see “America 2015”.

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