Some New England Fishermen Consider A Fight Over Obama’s Monument. This Is Why They Should.

When the concept of the National Marine Monument arose, it was a surprise to many people, and the notion of it becoming reality seemed far fetched. This week we learned it was reality, and it was a stinging slap in the face. Rep Rob Bishop R-Utah tipped us of with an article titled, “Obama will leave his legacy at the expense of fishermen”, Sept, 14th, on the eve of the State Departments “Our Oceans” conference in Washington, DC. The confirmation the following day was bitter for many. There have been hundreds of articles written in the aftermath from the enviro friendly, to the revelations of the many fishermen that will be affected, including some that say the industry will consider a legal challenge, and challenge that designation they should! Meghan Lapp the Fisheries Liaison for  Seafreeze Ltd. and is active in the process of fishery management, wrote an article that appeared in the Massachusetts Lobsterman’s Association Newsletter pre announcement of the designation. As with all good fishery articles, it is timeless and important to be seen by as many fishermen and the general public after the fact, because it lays out the basis as to why this should be a call to action to reverse this Obama Antiquities Act overreach that, quite possibly, may not be legal at all. Click here to read the article with a number of links at the bottom of the page. 17:58

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