A Clean Sweep On The Ocean Floor

Most of the reporting in the media about commercial fishing and declining stocks in the Northeast dwells on how dire the situation has become with the fault generally attributed to fishermen and “overfishing.” The view on the waterfront is very different however. Fishermen have long maintained that there is a huge disconnect between what they see on the water and the conclusions derived from the NOAA surveys and stock assessments. Their claims have been dismissed as self-serving. Now it seems the fishermen have a strong case. On a recent bottom trawl survey, a typical industry net caught four times as many flatfish as the rig used on the government trawl surveys. Written by Don Cuddy, program director at the Center for Sustainable Fisheries Read the story here 17:17

3 Responses to A Clean Sweep On The Ocean Floor

  1. DickyG says:

    Excellent account of Chris Roebuck’s and scientists’ experiment illustrating the inadequacy of NOAA’s research vessel’s gear and survey procedures. Many thanks to Don Cuddy, Program Director at The Center for Sustainable Fisheries for this concise and informative article.

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    At this point, what difference does it make?
    These are the words spoken by those fishermen who have been destroyed by the tyrants at NMFS and their crusade to ruin the fishing industry.
    How many jobs and businesses must be lost? Welcome to over regulation nation and the new world order.
    Want more of the same? Keep voting for these Euro socialist scum.

  3. Joel Hovanesian says:

    The takeaway here is that solutions can be found if people continue to work together. NOAA Fisheries deserves credit for the willingness to partner with fishermen in undertaking this survey. The industry is hoping that it is an indication that the culture within NOAA is changing.

    The takeaway should also include what NOAA/NMFS plans to do to remedy the masses of people their bullshit science has put out of business. When you lie to the tyrants you are a felon, when they lie to you….it’s just politics.

    Just who is doing doing more harm to this nation?

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