Santa Cruz teen brothers start Point Fish Co.

ar-161029875-jpgmaxh400maxw667Weekends usually mean sleeping in, but for not the Hofmann brothers of Santa Cruz. The teen entrepreneurs wake up while it’s still dark and head out for a long day of fishing. Their company, the Point Fish Co., has been in the works for years, but only recently came to fruition. The reason for the wait? The oldest brother had to wait until he was turned 16 to pilot a boat legally. The Hofmann brothers, Hayden (now 17), Baylor, 14, and 13-year-old Grady grew up around the water and always loved fishing. About six years ago they were fishing and started wondering how much money they might make if they sold their catch. When Hayden was old enough to captain the boat, the brothers decided to get some advice and researched how to start a fishing business. Read the story here 18:32

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