Shrimp Fishermen discover body of missing Cuban floating in Gulf of Mexico

fishermen_1477451885528_6633250_ver1-0A group of Texas fishermen made a gruesome discovery while out shrimping in the Gulf of Mexico. What they first thought was trash floating in the water was really a man’s body, found decomposing on a makeshift raft. It was Jonathan Pena’s first time out on a shrimp boat when he made the unlikely discovery of a man’s body, found adrift at sea. He documented the finding on his cell phone. “That’s when it was just like, wow, wow, wow, wow,” he said as he played back the video for us. The 24-year-old described what he saw as a decomposing body of a bearded man, laying half naked on top of an inflatable tube, with a pod of dolphins swimming nearby. “That’s the first thing that really affected me, was seeing how gruesome it was and that he put himself in that situation just to come over here,” he said. “That’s what really stays with me the most.” Video, read the story here 11:25

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