Decision Will Allow Disposal Of Dredged Materials In Long Island Sound

2015_0811_li_sound_dredge_spoil_planFederal environmental officials Friday dismissed protests from New York and issued a final ruling that will allow operation of an open-water site in eastern Long Island Sound for disposing of dredged materials from harbors and ports. The EPA decision drew applause from Connecticut’s congressional delegation and state officials who argued that halting dredge disposal in the eastern Sound would be a damaging economic blow for shoreline communities in this state. In its ruling, the EPA shifted the location of the new open water disposal site to place it entirely within Connecticut waters. New York officials and environmentalists fear the open water disposal of muck dredged primarily from Connecticut harbors could pollute the waters of the Sound and harm commercial and recreational fishing. Read the story here 12:34

One Response to Decision Will Allow Disposal Of Dredged Materials In Long Island Sound

  1. Borehead says:

    Aren’t these the same CT. bozos who were all for Obama imposing a National Marine Monument out in the Atlantic Ocean under the Federal Antiquities Act???

    It’s all right if it doesn’t impose any restrictions on them & theirs, we can’t fish in a portion of the ocean “they” determine is sanctified, but it’s OK for them to want to dump their spoils in that same body of water, albeit this time it’s in the Sound!

    The EPA apparently agreed that the “economic harm” to CT was justification alone to allow the dumping of harbor dredging spoils into Long Island Sound. Is this Payola or “tit for tat” for sponsoring “Obama’s Marine Monument Legacy”?

    Don’t do what we do; DO WHAT WE SAY!

    Jim Kendall – NBSC
    Nov. 5, 2016

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