FISH-NL leaders on tour, 15 formal meetings scheduled

ryan-cleary-st-john-sThe Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH NL) will begin the first leg of a provincial tour this week, with dozens of stops in Labrador, the Great Northern Peninsula, and western Newfoundland.  “We have 15 formal meetings scheduled with fish harvesters from Port Hope Simpson, Labrador to Burgeo, Newfoundland, but we’ll be looking to meet fish harvesters wherever they gather — on the wharves or stages, in their kitchens and community halls,” says Ryan Cleary, president of FISH-NL, who will lead the tour. FISH-NL’s membership drive began on Nov. 1, with more than 9,000 cards distributed to date around Newfoundland and Labrador by roughly 100 volunteers. The membership drive will distribute and collect cards, as well as hear from fish harvesters on their concerns. “There’s an electricity today in Newfoundland and Labrador, a stirring on the wharves and stages, in the coves and harbours that hasn’t been felt in modern times,” says Cleary. “Fish harvesters are taking a last stand for a fishing industry that has been brutalized by decades of failed management and poor leadership. The salt and pepper revolution is a fight for NL’s most endangered species — fishermen and women.” 13:47

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