Wisconsin’s Dwindling Commercial Fisheries Contend With A Farmed Future

Kevin Anschutz has been commercial fishing in Lake Michigan for the last 40 of his 50-year life. “We’ve been fishing since way before we were old enough to drive,” he says. Anschutz learned the lifestyle from his father and now fishes with his older brother. The two operate Anschutz Fisheries in Baileys Harbor, Wis. On this spring afternoon the lake sparkles, reflecting sunshine. Anschutz steers his boat away from shore and into the blue water. The color of his eyes, baseball cap, t-shirt and denim all match the lake. He lights a cigarette. Anschutz has witnessed both fish populations and commercial fisheries in the lake decline. He says 40 years ago there were nearly 150 fishermen, but today in Wisconsin he estimates there are 30 left.Historically, a long list of fish were caught and consumed from the Great Lakes including sturgeon, herring and trout. Read the story here 17:53

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