Foreign Investors Buying up Nova Scotia Inshore Lobster Fishery?

1632_lobster%20licensesForeign investors may soon be illegally buying up Nova Scotia’s iconic lobster fishery, according to the Canadian Independent Fish Harvesters’ Federation. “The government is moving too slowly to deal with this problem. We need urgent action.” Federation President Christian Brun said. The Federation released a newspaper ad (pictured) from offering to purchase their lobster licences in Nova Scotia’s most lucrative fishing areas on behalf of foreign buyers.  “This is against Atlantic Canadian policy in the Fisheries; the only person who can own an inshore lobster fishing licence is a Canadian inshore fisherman; someone who lives in a fishing community and goes to work on a fishing boat which he or she owns and operates,” Mr Brun said. “Domestic and international investors are breaking the law and advertising it in newspapers!” Read the story here 14:12

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