East Hampton Fisheries Committee Pushes For Economic Study Of Local Fishing Industry

Cornell Cooperative Extension and the East Hampton Fisheries Committeefleet-study are looking for money to study how much the fishing industry contributes to the local economy. The research would be conducted by John Scotti and Emerson Hasbrouck, educators at Cornell Cooperative Extension. It would focus on the social, historic and economic impacts of the industry, as well as its future, and cost an estimated $100,000. The study would involve reaching out to businesses like hardware stores that sell equipment used in commercial fishing, as well as studying how and where fishing takes place. Brad Loewen, who chairs the East Hampton Town Fisheries Committee, Mr. Hasbrouck and Mr. Scotti discussed the proposed study at a Southampton Town Board work session on Thursday, November 10. Mr. Hasbrouck said the study could also be used by East End towns to apply for grants to rebuild docks or roads related to the industry. Read the story here 16:55

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