Air Freight plan would see lobsters expressed to China

Shelburne-based First Catch Fisheries​’ parent company is chartering a​ cargo plane to fly lobsters directly to China from Halifax to break through a logistical bottleneck. Fishing Forever, the China-based parent of the Nova Scotia lobster company, is slated to load up a Boeing 747 with the crusty crustaceans on Jan. 7​ to get them to that Asian market faster, Tony Shi, the company’s vice-president, said in an interview. “It will take off from Halifax, stop in Anchorage, Alaska for fuel . . . (and land in) Zhengzhou in central China,” Shi said in an interview. There are then to be two more flights, on Jan. 14 and Jan. 21, ahead of the Chinese New Year during ​which the Chinese typically celebrate with elaborate feasts, and then three other flights in the month to follow. Read the story here 11:11

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