Editorial: Witness list shows Magnuson-Stevens Act talks a sham from start

So, you’d like to think that New England will be well represented at these hearings, right?   Wrong. The only scheduled New England witness scheduled to speak before the House Natural Resources Committee, where Malden Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Ed Markey is the ranking Democrat, is John Pappalardo of the Cape Cod Hook Fishermen’s Association. And that’s a shameful affront not only to rank-and-file fishermen in Gloucester and beyond, but at slap at our fishing communities, as well. continued

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  1. - Moderator says:

    You know, this is an absolute insult, perpetuated by Cape Wind shill, EDF intoxicated Congressman Ed Markey.

    Of all the witnesses that could be invited to sit in front of the House Natural Resources Committee, it makes sense from the standpoint of displacing an entire industry to pave the ocean with industrial equipment that is the hang over from the ENRON scandal.

    It’s not bad enough that the fishing industry will continue to lose more jobs in every sector of the industry, and continue the erosion of port infrastructure killing New England fishing communities, but it is unconscionable the damage Markey and the ENGO cheerleaders that have endorsed, the destruction of industrial construction in the ocean they pretend to be so concerned about!

    What rubbish they spread.

    The attraction is wind jobs for the state, and reducing carbon in the ocean, which, by the way, is removed when consuming fish, but the object of Ed Markey’s and this administration, Cape Wind, will do neither.

    Today in SouthCoasttoday.

    “The president of a Massachusetts company once touted as a supplier of steel foundations for Cape Wind’s offshore turbines said his company’s deal with the project is dead, while questioning Cape Wind’s commitment to developing U.S. offshore wind in a letter to federal officials.

    Carl Horstmann of Mass Tank wrote the U.S. Department of Energy in January as the agency considers a loan guarantee for the $2.6 billion Cape Wind project, which aims to be the nation’s first offshore wind farm.

    Mass Tank had planned to add up to 300 manufacturing jobs at a newly built Quincy factory after the Cape Wind deal, which the company believed would spur additional, industry-related work.”

    Today at Bangor Daily News,

    ” A study by Civitas, The Institute for the Study of Civil Society, points out that wind farms actually produces more CO2 and related pollutants than would be used, if wind turbines were left running on grid power at all times.

    The allure of wind-generated electricity as being free of pollution and as a renewable energy source sounds perfect on the surface. However, the reality is wind power is actually helping to increase CO2 and related pollution levels, rather than reducing them.

    The fact is, rather than doing anything to reduce our fossil fuel consumption. The manufacture, operation, transportation and maintenance involved with wind turbines along with related parts and equipment, which requires fossil fuel, dwarfs any electricity all wind farms will ever produce during the lifetime of the equipment.

    Today, when Ed Markey says things are fine with MSA, and it should stay the way it is, remember who he represents, Cape Wind, along with the ENGO’s.

    I can’t wait to hear what EDF/CLF Hooker Pappalardo has to say.

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