Family that fishes together: Bill MacEachern passing on tradition to next generation

Lobster season is under way in northeastern New Brunswick. Fishermen set out from wharves all along the north shore and Acadian Peninsula at first light Monday morning to set their traps. It’s a time-honoured tradition, especially for Bill MacEachern, who has been fishing out of Tabusintac for 55 years. Everything went well on day one, he told Shift‘s Vanessa Vander Valk. “It went great. It was a beautiful day, everybody got set, there were only two or three boats that had little problems,” he said. “Usually a few fellows have their motors go or something like that happen, but this year everybody was really lucky.” After 55 years on the water, he’s seen it all in the industry. “You wouldn’t believe the changes,” he said. click here to read the story, and watch a video 09:21

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