‘Financial predator’ who stole millions from widow and partners sentenced to 5 years

Russell Moore spent nearly 30 years as a Northwest fisherman, investing every dime he had in the company he co-owned with businessman Terrance Cosgrove and three other partners. Cosgrove, it turned out, bilked Moore out of most of his money. He also stole the life savings from the widow and children of his best friend, and raided the trust funds of the family of another close friend, according to a wire-fraud and mail-fraud plea agreement. Moore stood before U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour on Tuesday morning — with Cosgrove standing nearby — and described the theft that had ruined him. “This was my retirement plan,” Moore said in a Seattle courtroom. “I didn’t get much,” he said, explaining the partners got less than $500,000 of the more than $4 million they had lost after Cosgrove declared bankruptcy. Prosecutors say he stole millions from his partners in the Bothell fishing company and at least $335,000 — maybe much more — from the widow and children of a friend, and at least $500,000 from trusts belonging to the family of another longtime friend. click here to read the story 10:57

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