A little story about my day at sea yesterday

So we leave to go fishing at 0330 with an observer that the government forces us to take. Now the young man is a likable enough guy who I have no problem with. The problem is we are forced to take these people with no exception. When they tell you they are going to put one on your boat you either take them or you deal with the wrath of NOAA law enforcement. So we go out with the plan of going to catch some scup, fluke and sea bass to unload in Connecticut. We had some nice scup the day before and figured we would get CT’s allowance which is a whopping 1200 pounds of scup, 75 lbs. of fluke and 10 sea bass in count. So we make a couple of tows and come up a bit light on the scup but have the fluke and sea bass. We go and unload ion CT. and on the way there, which happens to be a 2 hour+ steam each way I am informed that the scup that we landed the previous day which had been paying around 60 cents per pound had dropped to 10 to 15 cents per pound. Not even worth the fuel to catch. WONDERFUL. So we go all the way to CT. , unload our catch and head back another 2+ hours for home. After we get back to our dock, I and my crewman are cleaning up the boat and we notice someone on the dock with a camera taking pictures of us as he walks by. No big deal.,,, Click here to read the story 10:24

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  1. william skrobacz says:

    I was told that observers don’t know if there reports actually are used at all….I was told this by an observer!

    • James Catfish says:

      Their reports are absolutely used.. the problem is that its only used against fisherman as Joel clearly states..

      • Borehead says:

        That is a fact. It’s obvious to this outside observer that the system is stacked against the fisherman. The decisions are already decided, and the council process is merely a formality. I actually listen to the proceedings when I can, of all the regional councils. It’s political theater.

        • Joel Hovanesian says:

          The council meetings are a formality required by law. The decisions made that control our futures are made well in advance. Of this I am certain. I’ve been to too many meetings where fishermen have made their cases and have been cast aside as anecdotal comments. Anecdotal my ass.
          There is a clear agenda here that fishermen are not a part of. The meetings are a waste of time and yet another excuse for everyone other than the people who risk it all to make money off of the backs of those in which they regulate. People have figured that out. That’s why you see fewer and fewer fishermen at these meetings. That and because also there are fewer of us left still willing to fight.
          I implore everyone to start calling these useless bastards out. Not the kid on deck that they send to you but those who are two, three or four layers up the chain of command of this scam that enriches the well connected at our expense. The poor kid on deck is not to blame.

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