Matt Bradley Of ‘Deadliest Catch’ Shows That Recovery From Addiction Is Possible No Matter What

Although I’m in long term recovery and I work in the treatment industry, I still encounter people whose recovery amazes me. Matt Bradley is one of those people. Matt caught my attention when I saw him on an episode of Deadliest Catch. He’s a fisherman who has crewed with Northwestern for over a decade. What intrigued me wasn’t just the drama and action of the fishing crew, but Matt’s openness and honesty about his struggle with substance use. A long time drug user, Matt didn’t encounter the serious consequences that so many people face until he was in his 20s. Although he grew up with normalized drug use—-stealing joints and alcohol from the adults in his Section 8 housing development—-he didn’t really think he had a problem until he started using heroin. click here to read the story 15:40

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  1. Jeremy Daniel Ross says:

    I’m glad to see you on the road of recovery . I myself am a fellow heroin addict in recovery . I write this in hopes it deters others from trying or using. By the time you use heroin more than likely you have had issues with other substances and got to the point that you said that ok I’m done and you quit using . My experience with heroin was this I thought ok I stopped using such an such I can do the same oh not so I didn’t stop using until it ran it’s coarse with me and I’ve never expressed this but as I looked at others it seems that it does the same also . If you never have used it please don’t and if you are and have done the rehab tour please hang in there and remember the things you learned in there cause there will be a day that the noose will loosen and you will get your chance just hang in there if you need help reach out to whomever you have in your area for addiction God bless or look to your higher power I’m always here to help

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