Fishermen, environmentalists continue battle over protected area off Cape Cod

Environmentalists often work with fishermen to reach a middle ground that benefits the environment and eases the regulatory burden on the industry. (baloney) The Environmental Defense Fund, for instance, has partnered with fishermen, both locally and nationally, absorbing some of the cost of new equipment to make electronic monitoring of catches at sea a feasible alternative. But there’s little consensus when it comes to the country’s newest marine park. You either agree there is an urgent need to protect the fragile ecosystems and inhabitants of the 5,000-square-mile Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, located roughly 130 miles southeast of Cape Cod, or you side with many of the region’s fishermen, who are worried this could be precedent-setting: the first in series of permanent closures in which they have little say. click here to read the story 08:08

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  1. Stephen Welch says:

    Scott Kraus , I have not met one fisherman who thinks he or she owns the ocean.
    Catch Shares gave ownership of the Nations fish to fishermen in New England. How come you didn’t oppose this ownership of the nations resource? Its like the logging industry owning all of the trees but the people of the United States owns the land.
    The ground fish industry has been destroyed for the small owner operators ( who cared for and nurtured the resource) by the lying environmental community.
    Shut commercial fishing down and and stop making hard working and honest family men the bad guy.
    I am SICK of the way you ,EDF, CLF Oceana and all of the rest of the “environmental community “portray fishermen.

    • DickyG says:

      It’s for their own jobs and fundraising themes for their “Funds”. They don’t know or care a twit about the environment, the fish, or certainly not the family fishermen. If it was so destructive, after hundreds of years of fishing, there wouldn’t be much left to save! These environmental saviors sell out immediately to the oil companies, in fact, Pew, Oceana, EDF were originated with oil company funds and still derive major funding from the oil companies. Fishing is NOT done IN the Canyons it is done on the shoal clear bottom Near but NOT IN the canyons. It is in this shoal area that the fish congregate due to the nutrients emerging from the canyon depths. Certainly no fisherman would drag $100K worth of gear over coral or carry enough tow wire to fish IN the Canyons.

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