Texas shrimpers say Americans are quitting migrant jobs that are ‘too hard’

Brownsville – Americans taking jobs as shrimpers off the Texas coast are calling it quits, saying the job is just too tough. The jobs they’re quitting are usually filled by seasonal migrant workers, who some companies consider more reliable employees. Shrimping operators claim that federal policies are making it tough to hire more migrants and it’s leading to troubled waters. Some Texas shrimp boats are returning to shore after just two weeks at sea to unload freshly-caught shrimp and newly-hired shrimpers, like 46-year-old Paul Jones. “It’s back-breaking work man,” Jones admitted. “I have too much education for this.” The Mississippi native called it quits after just 17 days on the job. The boat he worked on, the Dorada Cruz, wasn’t supposed to return to shore until mid-August. “The people here, the American guys, you know why they’re not working? Because they feel the same way like I do,” Jones said. “It’s not worth it.” Video  click here to read the story 12:33:40

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