Offshore wind deal pushing forward at New London State Pier

Three months after Gov. Ned Lamont’s May 2 announcement of the deal, state and local officials, State Pier operator Gateway and Danish offshore wind giant Orsted and its partner Eversource say negotiations are on schedule, with attorneys likely to finalize details and sign a contract within a few months.,,, Meanwhile, the Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts is set to begin its biennial audit of the authority amid a whistleblower complaint alleging misuse of funds. >click to read< 13:18

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  1. Dick Grachek says:

    Rep. Joe Courtney don’t fall for this profiteering scam. We need your integrity to help stop this offshore wind debacle before it destroys some of the richest fishing grounds and fish spawning habitat on the east coast.
    This offshore wind blitz is not about clean energy! Expensive, maintenance intensive offshore wind is not the answer to our clean energy needs. Intermittent power generated by offshore wind turbines, 2,000 of them, each 850 feet tall, between NYHarbor and Nantucket. This wall of turbines will destroy the offshore and near shore ocean ecosystem, but will not deliver on the marketing propaganda promises.
    European government subsidies have been cut back or completely abandoned for the simple reason that offshore wind did not deliver any appreciable reduction in pollution. Germany plans to stop building new wind farms by 2019, gradually turning away from its $1.1 trillion wind power program.
    Wind increased consumer rates, taxing the everyday citizen while providing a feel-good eco-rationalization for wealthier consumers who don’t feel the rate increases. This offshore wind investment scam is sold to the public as a measure to counter fossil fuel pollution; but that is actually a false flag hiding guaranteed tax credit profit seeking hedge funds and European oil and gas companies now operating as offshore wind construction conglomerates, and all on a profiteering quest—nothing more.

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