Land Based vs Open Pen Aquaculture – Fish out of ocean water dampen aquaculture enterprise

Some day, it might be possible to raise salmon in land-based closed containment ponds and make a profit. But that day is still a long way off, and even when it does become economically viable, land-based aquaculture might be like organic farming: an option for consumers willing to pay a premium, but which can’t replace ocean-based salmon farming. That’s not just the conclusion reached by the BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA), it’s also the opinion of a Nanaimo businessman who owns a land-based fish farm. click here to read the story 12:39

  • Rupertguy

    So where would the great cost come from? Perchance the cleaning of the sewage from the ponds, which is not a practice in sea pens, when the sewage in sea pens accumulates the pens are simply moved. Does that make the sewage disappear? Methinks not…