Maine DMR sets up lottery for new scallop licenses

This week, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) announced the final terms for two newly established lotteries for scallop fishing licenses. One lottery is for dragger licenses, the other for diver licenses. The catch, though, is that nobody knows for sure how many licenses, if any, will be available each year. DMR has been working for more than a year on a plan to bring new entrants into the scallop fishery. The lotteries announced this week are the culmination of extensive discussions last year among members of DMR’s Scallop Advisory Council with considerable input, often heated, from industry members. >click to read<09:09

4 Responses to Maine DMR sets up lottery for new scallop licenses

  1. Tim eaton says:

    How does one enter the lottery?

  2. Dustin Thiboutot says:

    Would love to enter how does this work

  3. Benjamin neptune says:

    What’s the process of entering in the lottery?

  4. - Moderator says:

    Here is a page with the information, you seek, 1. How do I enter the lotteries for a scallop license?

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