Canadian seafood giant Clearwater convicted of ‘gross violation’ in lobster fishery

Canadian seafood giant Clearwater was convicted of “gross violation” of fisheries regulations last fall after senior management ignored federal government warnings to change the way the company conducts its monopoly offshore lobster fishery, CBC News has learned. The decision to prosecute North America’s largest shellfish producer occurred amid a lengthy and still ongoing lobby effort by Clearwater to change the rule it broke: a Canadian requirement that fishing gear at sea must be tended every 72 hours. Clearwater company CS ManPar was convicted for storing 3,800 lobster traps on the ocean bottom off the Nova Scotia coast for upward of two months in the fall of 2017,,, >click to read<08:46

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  1. Pat says:

    The Canadian government is just as fault or worse , right before the collapse of the cod industry on the east coast I use to work in the shrimp industry on the shrimp trawlers .Every ship had a Canadian observer on board to make sure we were catching no mire then 10 percent and followed the rules and regulations , that didn’t happen we were catching 90 percent cod and the ships around us were doing the same . We stayed there for weeks scooping up mire then 200 ton and grinding them and shooting out through the pumps . For a measly 10 percent shrimp our Canadian observer turned a blind eye ! You as the Canadian government should have been up on charges for the collapse of the cod industry but all is just pushed under the carpet !

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