Commercial fishing isn’t the main threat to habitat

A recent letter wondered why Gov. Inslee would allow gillnetters on the Columbia River. The fact is, in the environment in which orcas struggle to survive commercial fishers are the easiest element to manage.,,, Gillnetters catch limited numbers of salmon. But land developers and homeowners can destroy an entire salmon run permanently. The pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, moss removers, and deck waterproofing folks liberally use around the house and yard are absolute fish killers. Personal care products, pain medications, antidepressants and other popular pharmaceuticals are either disposed of or excreted into our sewage systems and flushed into the Salish Sea and Columbia River. >click to read< by Arthur Lynch, Bainbridge Island

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  1. R.L. Sampson says:

    Sorry, there are rules on the Columbia. The killnetters, fur balls, turon and other contributors have decimated this fishery. The dams and homeowners have maybe a 5% impact. The others are at 50%. Stay home and work on your flowers and stormwater rules and stay the hell out of this conversation.\

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