Ken MacDonald – Hanging out at the wharf

Port Morien wharf. It’s an annual rite of spring in many of our coastal communities. As predictable as the longer hours of daylight and buds sprouting on the trees, the wharf emerges from its winter hibernation. Boats are launched, equipment is checked and traps are transported to the wharf, stacked neatly; ready to load. This beehive of activity takes place in the weeks leading up to the May 15th opening of the lobster season, as it has been for decades. In its heyday, the wharf was a scene of perpetual activity. Boats were sometimes tied four and five alongside each other. Fishermen docked in the same place at the wharf, and many of us can still remember where they tied up their boats. As kids, we could look from a distance and knew who owned every boat. >click to read<09:52

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