FISH & MEN: A film on the High Cost of Cheap Fish

We hope the fishing families and pioneers featured in this film will inspire a movement,,, For centuries, cod fed the world and helped build a nation. Nowhere was that more so than in Gloucester, Massachusetts – America’s oldest fishing port. But, today all that has changed… From California to Maine, small fishing communities struggle to survive. The iconic American fisherman is in a perfect storm of foreign competition, erratic regulations and rising costs. Trailer, photo’s, of some of the best people on the planet. Please support this effort.  >click to read< 14:51

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  1. David says:

    Gloucester Massachusetts will never be the oldest port for fishing in the Americas when fishing began and its earlier times in the masses that area was covered with ice and fire early and could not even be reached let alone fished fishing was in the southern territories of the continents near the equator is only those ports are your oldest such as Mississippi and Louisiana and Florida

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