With seven decades of working at sea under his belt, Rolly Rollisson has “done every job in fishing that you can mention”

The port’s oldest fisherman, and former chairman of Bridlington and Flamborough Fishermen’s Society has seen the harbour adapt from the days when cod and haddock was King, to today when shellfishing reigns supreme. When Mr Rollisson, 91, started out there was little in the way of navigational aids – now as son Rolo, 58, puts it “you can now see the seabed in 3D, every nook and cranny.,, “We had four seasons, end of September to March for cod and haddock with long lines. “There was crab and lobster fishing with lobster pots until July and August, then we used to go herring fishing from August 10 to the end of October, then back to line-fishing.” >click to read< 08:00

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