First Nations along Fraser River want sport fishing closed to save at risk species

So far this season, Guerin said Fisheries and Oceans Canada (known as DFO) limited Musqueam fishers to a few hundred chinook from the river, nowhere near enough to feed the nation’s 1,300 members let alone supply funerals and other community events like ceremonies and feasts. “I’ve got elders this year, this may be their last fish, and I can’t give it to them,” he said. “That hurts.”,,, Musqueam Chief Wayne Sparrow said they want to be part of the conservation efforts, but First Nations’ needs take priority over recreational fishing according to a 1990 Supreme Court ruling. That means the sport fishery should bear the brunt of any restrictions when there are concerns about the state of salmon populations. >click to read< 08:50

3 Responses to First Nations along Fraser River want sport fishing closed to save at risk species

  1. Mdemman says:

    Denying anyone the right to sustain themselves be cause of their race is wrong .Putting first nations ahead of others is pure racism and it’s time it stopped. You are no different than anyone, Get used to it , get over it
    25 % of aboriginal ppl today are descendants of slavery,,,,at the hands of their own people….ask the algonquin…….piss and and moan about not being able to feed your family while mine is legislated to provide for you is RACIST.

  2. Howard gray says:

    Could not have said it better about time to tell it like it is or maybe “WE”should charge admission at McDonald’s or our shopping malls there is no Indian that needs fish to survive any more than I do but I was brought up eating fish same as them mr treaudu senior fucked us big time

  3. Kelvin Campbell says:

    I can’t agree with the last fellow but I do believe First Nation are playing both sides of the coin. While it could be true about Spring Salmon we also see these same bands fishing off much of the Dungeness crab in the area before the commercial fishermen open to fish in June?
    This is for the most part cash sales under the table so nothing to do with FSC harvest.
    I know the commercial sector would have no issues fishing beside or with FN’s and it would be the Governments obligation to buy these licenses, and they . have bought some but not possibly enough yet. All I know is a person can’t act like their the protector of the oceans while at the the same time the Dungeness crab fishery it being ruin by these same people.
    There are many legitimate FN fishermen that you are hurting as well. More then happy to work with you but acting like other people livelihoods don’t matter? Two wrongs don’t make it right you must see this as it’s the basis of your own claims. The Commercial sector is not against you, but we are also not the ones to pay the cost of Canada’s debt.

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