Fight of Seacoast fishermen depicted in ‘Last Man Fishing’ documentary

A year-round jig fisherman, catching with rods and reels up to 60 miles offshore, Tim Rider is now a documentary film star.,, He’s described by film producers as a “renegade,” whose “dream of supporting his family as a fisherman is met with numerous challenges.” The filmmakers say Last Man Fishing calls “to question the ethics of the seafood industry and its impact on small scale fishing across the United States.,, The documentary, by filmmaker/director JD Schuyler, goes deep into the politics of fishing, in Rider’s case, his opposition to so-called catch shares mandate. Photo’s >click to read<  22:26

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  1. Bjoernar Nicolaisen. says:

    Reading the intro here reminds me about the conclusions from Sacred Cod a couple of years ago. Rising temperatures and overfishing was to blame for poor fisheries off New England, And this is surely not the last time documentaries claming to point out the truth miss the number one and most obvious reason why fisheries and Fishing industries collaps around the world – the presens of the oill industry and for ever ongoing seismic blastings and it’s Deadly effects on all life Connected to Our seas. It looks like film makes never dare to question the mighty oil Companies.

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