‘Deadliest Catch’ boats bring Bering Sea whiskey to Seattle

“We just put it right up in the bow and let the boat do the rest of the work,” said Captain Josh Harris of the F/V Cornelia Marie. “The hardest part about the whiskey is not getting into it after a bad day of fishing,” laughed Captain Casey McManus, also of the Cornelia Marie. Barrels of whiskey from Fremont Mischief Distillery ride along in these fishing boats. “It turns out the barrels of whiskey need to be rolled once a month to get the flavor of the barrels in the whiskey. Well on a boat you don’t have to roll it Fremont Mischief co-owner Mike Sherlock was a commercial fisherman before he started making spirits so the causes his company supports all have ties to the sea. The profits from Storm Tossed Rye sales have gone to The Sea Scouts, and the Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial Video, >click to read< 07:47

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