Fishing panel delays call on catch limits GDT- My Commentary.

NOAA’s New England Fishery Management Council has deferred at least until November recommending deep reductions in next year’s allowable catch of most groundfish, a move that would constrict landings even further in an industry that has been declared a federal economic disaster from Maine to New York……….

Mayor Mitchell is right on the money of skepticism regarding the shabby science dictating this tragic fishery management disaster.

Any layman that listened to the three-day council meeting will easily recognize the flaws in the science, from not looking at predatory fish affecting cod-fish stocks, to the weakness of ocean data collection of Bigelow, as one gentleman defended Bigelow with the exception of the survey not hitting enough stations.

The subject of side by side towing with industry vessels was rejected as an indicator, and after some thought, I agree. It is not the answer.

Collaborative Research.

The answer is to remove Bigelow from collecting Trawl data for surveys, and totally implement industry vessels manned with fishermen and scientists in numbers that can hit enough stations, at the right times to supply the data to the statisticians that do the calculations. They are seldom wrong.

They  can polish a turd until it shines like a diamond, but ya know what? It’s still a turd.

The ENGO lawyers expressed outrage likened to a liberal when EBT cards for illegal aliens being are questioned, and threatened lawsuits that would stall fishing on May 1st when the discussion of opening twenty year old temporary closed areas was brought up.

They as much as anyone else have created this fishery management disaster with their “contributions” to fishery mismanagement.

You clowns want to be “stakeholder”/ “partners”? Well then. Take responsibility for your participation in the process. Filing lawsuits ain’t it Pete and re Pete.

Lawsuits??? Please.

If there is any outrage about opening the closed areas, it is they would only be open to sector boats?


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  1. philips66 says:

    Only the green puppet sectors (aka the useful idiots) will be allowed into closed areas.

    • borehead says:

      This is the bullshit we have to fight!
      Right now, the only ones that will win anything are the organized, and those not, will only keep losing!

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