Senate Commission Wants Answers Regarding Exposed Block Island Wind Farm Cables

The Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) said its geologist recommended before construction of the offshore wind facility that Deepwater Wind, now owned by Denmark-based Ørsted, bury the two cables 6-8 feet deep using a process known as horizontal directional drilling. Deepwater Wind, however, relied on an independent engineering report that concluded the 12-inch-diameter cable could be buried at a depth of 2-4 feet using a devise called a jet plow. According to CRMC executive director Grover Fugate, CRMC’s governing board relied on the independent report to approve the more shallow depth using the jet plow process. >click to read< 09:14

2 Responses to Senate Commission Wants Answers Regarding Exposed Block Island Wind Farm Cables

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Offshore wind is a total joke and a boondoggle of untold proportions. Nothing is known about the adverse effects of these monstrosities upon our ocean environment.

    Ready, fire, aim.

  2. jim lovgren says:

    This is what happens when companies cut corners, because their project is not financially viable. They take shortcuts to save money, taking the risk that the shortcuts will work, knowing that if they don’t the ratepayers can simply be gouged, after all they’re too dumb to know any better. It is time for an independent expert to examine the cost of this wind farm [after all it is experimental to see how viable they are economically] 5 years should give us a good idea of what the cost is and will be. How much has been spent on planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and lobbying, compared to the value of the electric that has been produced? Sounds like a question that needs an answer before we go down the blackhole that these wind farms will become. Boats have been described as a hole in the water you throw money into, I don’t think there’s a hole big enough for all the money they’re going to need to pay for these windfarms.

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