Tignish lobsterman Dryden Buote – Let us go fishing

There can be no doubt that a spring lobster fishery must take place this year in P.E.I. and will be viable, for those who are able to fish and have a place to sell their catches. The government has already announced what will be available to fishers who suffer a loss of income should they not be able to fish and sell their catches this season. (1) They may apply for a loan through Farm Credit Canada to supplement any loss of income and to pay for miscellaneous expenses they may have already incurred before their traps are even in the water. In addition this loan could be used to pay wages to those who work on boats as fisher’s helpers. I stress that this is a loan, money which will need to be paid back in the future. Do fishers need another payment in future years? I am admittedly no economist, but taking on more unnecessary debt does not seem to be a good business decision. (2) ,, >click to read< 15:55

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