Michael Shellenberger: Let’s Get Serious, Let’s Go Nuclear

Whatever your views on climate change, the idea that trying to run modern, civil societies on sunshine and breezes might somehow prevent it is, of course, a complete nonsense. One environmentalist who called it out, loud and early, was Michael Shellenberger. As a long-time advocate for reliable, affordable and safe nuclear energy, and critic of intermittent renewables, calling wind and solar worse than useless, Michael combines common sense, logic and reason, in an era when those attributes have become scarce commodities. Here’s Michael having a crack at some of those who would drive us back into the Stone Age, if they were ever given the chance. Why Climate Activists Will Go Nuclear—Or Go Extinct >click to read< 09:03

Rep. Kennedy Backs Offshore Wind – “Jobs and Justice Initiative” “Through the JJI we will deploy a clean energy job core to support on and offshore wind, solar panel installation, energy storage, energy efficiency, building retrofits, cleaning of toxic sites, urban farm and community garden installations, national park maintenance, and environmental justice,” Kennedy said.  >click to read<

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