Baja shrimp fishermen defy rules designed to save vaquita

Fishermen are defying rules designed to protect the critically endangered vaquita marina porpoise as the new shrimp season begins in the upper Gulf of California. The federal government this week enlarged by 50% a zero-tolerance zone in the gulf’s northern region where the use of a range of fishing nets including gillnets are prohibited. “We’re just looking for a way to keep working,” García said. He said that fishermen are open to different ways of fishing but asserted that the alternatives currently on the table are not viable. >click to read< 09:41

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  1. The fishermen have been fishing without much supervision or enforcement for decades because there simply isn’t the manpower to do so and the Mexican Government hasn’t supported sustainability until recently. Yes they have to feed their families, many generations that have been doing so, but now that the Vaquita is so severely endangered, its too late for countermeasures. Very good chance they will be extinct within the next 5 years. This is the only place in the world they exist. Stop the demand (swim bladders to China), and the Vaquita chances of survival will go up. Its Quite a sad situation-

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